What are Minecraft servers?

Minecraft servers are played by millions of players every year. 

They allow you to play in a multiplayer world with games that are not available on Minecraft singleplayer.

An example of a multiplayer game is OneBlock, which spawns players on just one block which they can turn into an entire private world. The entirety of the OneBlock game is developed and maintained in-house. 

Minecraft servers such as OneBlock MC also include features such as quests, new item enchantments, skill trees and much more.

OneBlock MC hosts every single player's private island on our own dedicated servers. Minecraft does not absorb or host any of our games. This includes various costs such as game development, cloud storage, design and much more.

Our Store

To fund all of these costs, we offer Ranks & Credits on the OneBlock MC store. 

These are one-time payments that give perks in-game and are delivered within minutes.

We offer over 40 payment methods on our store which supports the majority of the world. 


If you do not receive your purchase within 20 minutes, please contact us and we will rectify the problem as soon as possible.

Live chat is available on the bottom right of your screen or e-mail hello [at] oneblockmc.com

Purchase support is provided in UK business hours.